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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Inspiration image

Stuart Davis
He was an early american modernist painter. He was best known for his JAZZ influence to create proto POP ART paintings.
His work was bold, brash, and colorful.  ASHCAN pictures were the signature to his work.

What is POP ART?

Pop Art focused on everyday objects that were rendered through an adoption of commercial art techniques. Pop removes the material from its background and cuts off the object, or combines it with other objects, for contemplation.

What is ASHCAN?

ASHCAN is a realistic artistic movement that became famous in the US during the early twentieth century. Ashcan work is works that portrays scenes of daily life in New York's poorest neighborhoods.

Analyzing his art work

-        Forefather of the Pop Art movement.
-        Abstraction
-        Subjects come right out of the Jazz nightclubs
-        Squiggly lines and flashy colors.
-        Painting soap boxes, billboards and gas pumps with a tongue-in-cheek wit that was ahead of his time.

Repetitive rhythms

RHYTHM represents the easy movement of the viewer's eyes following a regular arrangement or reproduction of elements in the art work.

There are many different ways to move the eye through a painting.  The artist needs to do this so the viewer will appreciate the painting as a whole and while doing so they can stimulate the viewer in a certain way.

Contrasting colors

Two colors from different segments of the color wheel are contrasting colors.
From example:
Red is from the warm half of the color wheel and blue is from the cool half. They are contrasting colors. You may also see these referred to as complementary colors which generally refers to each of a pair of colors that are directly are almost directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

Sharp outlines

Dark lines outline object.

Abstract patterns

Abstract patterns in Stuart Davis’ work included lettering which was inspired by advertisement posters.

More of his work

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