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Monday, October 4, 2010


     At the beginning of the 1920s, fewer than 10% of households took advantage of an electricity supply network, and most that did only utilized the technology for lighting only.  Two common features of electrical equipment inside the homes, the electric vacuum and the electric radio, transformed living patterns and interiors. Replacing the broom with a vacuum cleaner resulted in different solutions: Electrolux pioneered the cylinder design of suction cleaners, Hoover championed an upright model.  Both companies advertised, sometimes several times in a single issue of House Beautiful.  “How much easier is it to roll this cleaner back and forth across the rug, than to labor a broom?” represented its signature advertisement. House Beautiful advertises home furnishings as well, with more rhythm in lines with intricate carvings. With many ball and claw feet, oak furniture ads occupied every part of the magazine.  Everyone had to have a product advertised by House Beautiful, including iron fences, garage doors, wood furnishings, heating and refrigerating systems, and noiseless screen doors.

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